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The story of a home made photographer

The story of a home made photographer

Have been photographing and filming for a number of years, but always on automatic mode. Never  with shutter speeds iso values ​​and apertures. Since a few months ago I started to delve into it myself, and a whole new world has opened up for me.

Now there are plenty of courses and workshops to follow that all cost quite a bit of money. But stubborn as I am, I teach this to myself, and this certainly happens by trial and error. To learn a few things yourself. I have registered myself at various FB pages to get the necessary information. And I have already kept a number of FB friends. And there will still be awhile before you really know everything, and can deal with it and actually put into practice what you read.



Photographing birds in flight from behind on my balcony, with different settings, which I now manage pretty well. And sat in a photo hut to photograph birds, which works pretty well, but I am not really satisfied with the result. Does this depend on the camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000) or the person behind it? Not enough experience yet, and I also notice that I am struggling with the capacity of my camera. And I went looking for a good camera for nature photography and a matching lens.and I found the right camera Canon 7d Mark II with a CANON EF 100-400MM II F / 4.5-5.6 L IS USM lens. The best camera and lenses from Canon for nature photography.

After photographing for a few days, with this new camera, and having played with the different settings. I am very satisfied with the choice I made, what a beast of a machine. and certainly in combination with the lens, what a range this lens has. it takes some getting used to with this crop camera to shoot nice picture, for home garden and kitchen pictures this camera and lens is certainly not suitable. I am currently adjusting the camera settings so that I can quickly switch between the different settings and went to a Dogfrisbee competition to test this camera properly. Shot a few nice pictures, but not completely satisfied with the result, they are working on and know what the cause is. Some settings have changed and, and some things have to be improved, I am a perfectionist and I am not easily satisfied.


A walk with Gaya around the small puddle of the Maarsenveens puddles has yielded me some nice pictures. Certainly with the new settings of the camera that I have changed, the photos have improved a bit and are getting better and better. Looking for the ultimate record, the moment, and the luck to shoot one. seeing and feeling in everything that happens around you, what the ultimate record can deliver is something you have to learn yourself, getting the feeling for it that in the long run should become an automatism. to grab when needed, and grab that chance every day, we go for it.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-30 om 15.23.32.


On a beautiful morning together with my wife and with our dog Gaya, Naar de Haarijnse plas.
And of course I took the camera with us, took the most beautiful pictures this morning.
It all beat the sun (nice Low) Gaya Was in the mood, and the water nice and tight and no wind.
I feel I have made the best photos ever, nicely sharp and that moments can get pretty quiet on the photos with splashing water.
Also had a learning moment again, something I did know but not that it could have had such an impact on the photos.
Always keep the sun on your back when you take pictures, for the best photos and the most beautiful colors.
And because the sun is not yet at full intensity at this time, it has not been affected by harsh sunlight and this saves a lot in finishing.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-30 om 15.22.44.

Anyone who photographs wildlife knows that you must be opportunistic, have a lot of patience, and be able to take the best photo you can take at any time. The work is not done in a comfortable studio environment, with a model that follows your directions and with an environment in which the photographer can control the exposure and other exposure settings. To take good nature photos, you must follow the animals in their habitat, persevere by the extreme heat, while they stand still while the insects bite your skin and fly into your eyes. So I greet my fellow nature and nature photographers and I ask those of you who are able to come "close and personal" to these beautiful creatures through the wonderful gift of photos that capture the moment.


And not only nature is beautiful, I also enjoy watching extreme sports. So why not combine it, look at it and shoot the most fantastic images of those action moments, and put that moment into a record that speaks for itself. that when people look at it, they see the moment and experience the feeling. I have the gear for it, so why not. it does, however, require completely different settings from a camera to record that moment precisely and silently in an album.


On Aug 12 for the second time in a photo hut, from Arjan Troost.At the edge of a forest and against a corn field, in Sallandse Heuvelrug.A beautiful hut for max 3 people with mirrored glass in front. The beauty of the mirror glass is that the birds are not frightened by the sound of the camera. As a photographer, this is something that you have to take into account, because it costs light to stop taking photographs. And because you are in a forest and it is already slightly darker than normal, this also requires completely different settings for your camera.
and certainly with the weather that I had cloudy and then the sun again, you are constantly working on adjusting your shutter aperture and your iso value for the perfect shot. So another beautiful day that I learned a lot about as quickly as possible, to play on everything to shoot the most beautiful pictures.

Aug 20, birdhouse Dirk Jan ter Pas.

The hide is suitable for 1 person, 2 people is also possible but is a bit tighter. There is a pond in front of the hut and because the hut is partially buried, you have a pretty low position. This makes it possible to photograph the animals coming on the water and feed nicely with reflection.


The great thing about this hide is that there is an arrangement made to photograph a diving kingfisher under water. I will certainly try this as well, but whether it will work? we are going to see and experience it.

was a very nice day, seen many birds but unfortunately no buzzard. see flying and heard. but. But the highlight of this day was the kingfisher, had previously taken pictures of this beautiful bird, but never so close and so sharp. And I made this with a camera setting that was on the edge of this can. It was quite dark and cloudy in the forest, you can sit a little higher in the iso but then you get a lot of noise in your photos. I have opted for slow shutter speeds, and low iso value. With these low shutter speeds, you can get motion blur. But with the knowledge that the kingfisher usually sits very still, nevertheless opted for the camera settings. And it has worked super sharp images.


Exif: 1/80 F5.6 ISO 350 400 mm

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-30 om 15.25.32.
Schermafbeelding 2020-03-30 om 15.24.45.

A weekend away in Assen

Together with my wife a nice weekend away, to a hotel in Assen and of course the camera. And very coincidentally there was the Gamma racing days at TT Assen, a great opportunity for me to try out some camera techniques.

Capture speed with panning.

Panning is a technique that allows you to capture movement in a photo by photographing with a fairly long shutter speed and following the action when taking the photo, blurring the background while freezing the subject, blurring motion and yet getting a sharp photo. And the speed in your photo, and blurring in the tires, also get the speed in there.
The difference is beautiful in the two photos,
with the first everything stops and with the second the speed is still there.


This summer one
Bird of prey Photography workshop
done from Arend Spaans

A very nice day with beautiful birds in front of the lens, greatly enjoyed and learned hope. Another day with much too strong sunlight, on which we had to set the camera. But which you really cannot avoid. There is always something to adjust in photoshop or lightroom, but with hard sunlight it remains difficult. With 12 Man behind the house in the garden of Jeroen Settels birds of prey also learned a lot about these birds, eating behavior and how they live.


In de winter periode 2019 - 2020

In de winter periode 2019 - 20202, naar wat kleine dierentuinen geweest en best wel een hoop reptielen op de gevoelige plaat vast gelegd.

En daar naar mijn gevoel best wel mooie platen geschoten, in weinig licht en weer met hele andere camera instellingen.

Best wel lange sluitertijden om zoveel mogelijk licht mee te pakken, en het geluk hebben dat deze mooie beesten best wel stil zitten. Dus geen last van bewegingsonscherpte, wel alles op statief gefotografeerd.

Na een aantal gesprekken en wat mail verkeer.

Met Dierentuin Oliemeulen in zee gegaan,

en mijn eerste workshop was een feit.

Workshop Creepy Things


Samantha van Dutch Exotic Pets

Rond deze periode ook Samantha tegen gekomen op Face Book.

Een jonge dame die vorig jaar begonnen is met haar eigen bedrijfje,

Dutch exotic Pets.

Dutch Exotic Pets is een gepassioneerd bedrijf,

met een grote liefde voor reptielen.

Deze bijzondere passie delen wij graag met andere.

Wij hebben dit bedrijf gestart December 2018.

Wij zijn dit bedrijf begonnen omdat er nog veel

onwetendheid is over reptielen.

Met onze presentaties willen wij mensen meer

bewust maken over deze dieren.

Zo hopen wij ook het negatieve beeld naar deze dieren te verminderen.

Ook met Samantha afspraken gemaakt, om mee het land in te gaan.

als er een fotograaf gewenst is bij de presentaties.

Samantha gaat ook mee doen met de workshops  Creepy Things.

En zal tijdens deze workshop een hoop van haar reptielen,

mee nemen​.

Om daar alle nodige informatie over te geven.

Maar ook om deze dieren vast te houden.

En verder zijjn we samen wat dingen aan het uitwerken om,

unieke fotoshoots te doen met deze schitterende dieren.


Vliegveld Volkel en Gilze Rijen

Op Volkel het geluk gehad , ben er twee keer geweest.

Eerste keer bij aankomst gelijk 4 F 16  aan het landen, moest gelijk camera pakken alles snel instellen.

Gelijk alles in in een keer goed, en hele mooie platen 


De tweede keer vroeg in de avond, wist dat ze nacht oefeningen hadden en rond kwart over 5 zouden opstijgen.

Ook daar hele mooie platen van geschoten, met toch wel wat moeilijke keuzes. In verband met het intreden van de nacht.

En de instellingen van de camera.


Drukke rare tijden met het covid-19 virus wat over de wereld heen raast, lockdown en vele sterfgevallen over heel de wereld.
Druk bezig met het bouwen van mijn eerste vogelschuilhut, maar toch even tijd vrij weten te maken voor een dagje op zoek te gaan naar jonge vosje. Van een vriend een plek gekregen waar ze eventueel zouden zijn te vinden.Na een flinke wandeling heb ik ze gevonden, en hele mooie platen geschoten.maar wat ik daar heb mee gemaakt wordt je niet vrolijk van. Zat met 12 man in een duin pan te wachten tot ze wakker werden ze waren toen al te zien maar sliepen nog. Toen ze wakker werden. Alle 12 man staan om ze beter te kunnen fotograferen. Toen waren we voor iedereen zichtbaar die daar in de buurt rond liep. Binnen nog geen 10 min 40 man rond de burcht. Een niemand die ook maar de covid-19 regels in acht nam. En wat zeker ook niet ten goede komt van de jonge vosjes. Het is ook heel moeilijk te vinden gelukkig maar te veel mensen weten er al van, en het zullen er dus alleen maar meer worden. Buiten dat we heel veel geluk hebben gehad de boswachter loopt daar ook veel en kan bekeuringen uitschrijven 390 euro en je heb gelijk een strafblad. Was een keer voor mij maar nooit meer.

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